Harrisburg District Committee on Ministry


Harrisburg District Committee on Ministry (DCOM)
Are you sensing God is calling you into ministry?  Maybe you are certain that God is asking you to become a pastor.  Or maybe you know God wants you in a leadership position in the church, but not sure which one and what that might look like.  The District Committee on Ministry (DCOM) walks beside men, women, and youth exploring and discerning calls to ministry.  Our role is to walk beside you as you discern your call, equip you for ministry, nurture you through prayer and conversation, and support your journey with mentors and peers.  Your local pastor and mentor will help as you discern your calling to certified, licensed and ordained ministry – and the roles and responsibilities within each category of ministry. 

I’m called to be “in ministry.”  Now what?
1) Talk to your local church pastor. Share how you feel God is calling you and what that might look like. Your pastor can help answer questions and provide guidance in the early stages.  
2) Meet with our District Superintendent, Rev. Barry Robison to share your story and how you have seen God leading and calling you.  Set up a meeting with him through the district office.

The Packet
At your conversation with the District Superintendent, you will be given a packet. This is your guide map for the journey towards certified, licensed, and ordained ministry. 
Welcome Letter from Board of Ordained Ministry (PDF)
Candidacy Process (docx
Seminary Education Requirements for Ordination Candidates (docx)
At this time you will be asked to meet with the DCOM and be assigned a mentor to support you as you discern your calling within the United Methodist categories of leadership.  The Candidacy Process explains the different options for pastoral leadership in the UMC.  Your mentor will help guide you along the way – however the speed through which you move through the process, completing paperwork, and meeting requirements is the responsibility of the candidate (you!).

 UMCARES is the nationwide UMC system for tracking those exploring a call to ministry. Specific instructions to our Annual Conference and our District are within the forms below.  However you and your mentor will use this system to mark your progress and when forms are submitted.
If you don’t have log-in information, please email Rev. John Overman from the Board of Ordained Ministry.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Forms
Throughout the process there are many forms that are needed along the way. These 
are all submitted to the District Office when applicable.  
Check List of Forms
Mentor Report (PDF)

Bio Information, Form 102/2013 (PDF)

Track One (PDF)

Clearances Required (PDF)

Disclosure Form, Form 114/2013 (PDF)

References Required Outline (PDF

Pastor’s Reference (PDF)

Congregation Member’s Reference (PDF)

Employer or Professor’s Reference (PDF)

Medical Clearance Forms, Form 103/2013 (PDF)

Declaration of Candidacy Report (PDF)


Service Requirement 
Once certified, candidates are required to complete 100 service hours demonstrating his or her gifts for ministry of service and leadership.  These hours must be PRE-APPROVED by the DCOM, with 75 hours in service in a community context and 25 hours in service within a church context.
Service Requirement & Pre-Approval Form – Harrisburg District (Word)

Meeting with the DCOM 
The Harrisburg DCOM meets four times as year. 
 October – Meeting for those seeking approval for commissioning, those seeking certification, and welcome meetings 
 January – Meeting for Local Pastors in course of study and welcome meetings.
 May – Meeting for Local Pastors not in the course of study and Certified Local Ministers (CLMs) for annual review and approval 
 August – meeting for Seminarians
If you would like to request to meet with the DCOM for approval or change of status, please contact the chair to learn the exact dates and schedule.  Local Pastors and CLMs must meet annually with the DCOM for review and approval per the Book of Discipline.  

For questions about UMCares, requesting paper forms, scheduling a meeting with the District Superintendent, or general questions
                           Harrisburg District Secretary – Lori haagen, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For questions related to submitting forms, personal file, timeline
                           Harrisburg District Registrar – Rev. Karen Atansoff, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For questions about Service Hours, pre-approval and final reports 
                          Harrisburg District Service Team – Rev. Steve Livermore, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
For questions about scheduling a meeting with the DCOM, concerns about a mentor, or requesting a change in your status 
                         Harrisburg District DCOM Chair – Rev. Mira Hewlett, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.